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Water heaters LOGITEX

LOGITEX water heaters present a new technological solution of heating water by environmental- friendly energy sources. The photovoltaic cells collect solar energy from the sun and transform it into direct electric current to heat water in boiler. The brand new solution is an installation of the heating spiral and photovoltaic panels which does not generate any power losses. This solution is very effective and secures thermal protection and safety control of the entire system.

Installation of photovoltaic panels is simple and variable, requires maintenance-free operation, and offers unlimited opportunities of system utilization in households, apartment units, industrial and commercial buildings thanks to simple connection with water boiler.

From the societal perspective, it represents production of electricity by using renewable sources.

Heating water by using photovoltaic panels is an ecological and cost-effective way to produce hot water. Such energy is fully consumed by the owner of the system within the household or commercial building. It does not require any official permissions or purchase of additional devices. It is currently the most effective utilization of ecological electric energy without generating any power losses.


Heating options

Intensity of sunlight is influenced by weather conditions and seasons. It means that the sun is an unstable source of energy. Water in hybrid heaters is heated by solar energy or by combination of solar and stable energy sources (gas or electricity from commercial network). Hybrid water heaters LX ACDC/K+M are designed for water pre-heating and heating.


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